About Us

We are a non-denominational fellowship that is patterned after Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa CA., Pastor Chuck Smith.  We are affiliated in ministry philosophy only, most importantly, the teaching of God's Word in a verse by verse teaching style.  We are an independent church and operate independently of any other church, but we so enjoy working alongside of local churches in our community.


We began as a small home fellowship in the winter of 2005.  Nine months later, we officially began meeting on Sundays as a church Body.


Currently by the grace of God, we now meet two times a week (along with our other fellowships inside the church) and are able to minister to every age group from infants through high school and adults.


We seek to simply teach God’s Word simply.  We are committed to learning the Bible verse by verse with the hopes of eventually teaching completely through the Word of God.  We feel it is important to teach the whole counsel of God, as there are many churches today that tend to get stuck on certain themes and subjects, thus causing the Body of Christ to be malnourished spiritually.


We truly love the people of our town, and we seek to work with fellow churches and leaders that have a common faith along with us.  This demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ to all, and is an example that His love is the driving force in our lives.


We encourage you to click on the “Ministries” page of this site to see what the Lord is doing here at Calvary Chapel.


If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach us!  We count it a privilege to serve the Lord by serving you.