Contact: Bob Allen @  530.367.3828

A group of faithful men serve each Sunday helping to provide an atmosphere of worship and fellowship.  This is a team that is always looking for men to serve.  To be involved, you need to consider Calvary Chapel your home church and have done so for about six months.



Contact Vickie Ellis @ 530.367.5519

Supports all aspects of video, projection and streaming ministry needs during our Sunday morning and Wednesday Night Bible Studies.



Contact: TBA

WE meet every month or so for dinner at various homes in the fellowship.  Our first "Dinner For Eight" event was Sunday, February 21, 2010 and we had 8 people in seven different homes simultaneously.  It was a beautiful night of fellowship and getting to now each other in a deeper way.  The host home provides a simple main dish, and each person who comes brings a dish as well.  You are invited to join us next time and we look forward to eating and getting to know you! 



Contact: Janice Allen @  530.367.3828

We provide a stream of meals to your door if you have just come home from delivering a baby or just had a surgery or whatver else that doesn't allow you to cook at home.  We have set up a rotating team of loving folks who enjoy serving the Lord by cooking meals for those who call Calvary Chapel their home church.



Contact: Gene Scherer 

The Hospitality Ministry provides coffee, tea, water and more for the Congregation each Sunday morning.   "Many Hands Make Light Work!"  Volunteers are always needed and appreciated to help out on any given Sunday.  A great place to start serving the Lord!